Biofix Face Mask

Product Information: 

This product is made of non-woven fabric, its raw material is polypropylene. It does not contain latex. The product has air permeability feature. It is not harmful to human health and the environment. Our products are produced in automatic machines in a hygienic environment. This product minimizes the potential interaction of all kinds of liquids, particles and microorganisms during use.

Usage Areas:

It is used in all environments requiring hygienic conditions such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, doctors’ offices, laboratories, food and food manufacturers, cleaning companies.


This product does not eliminate the risk of infection, infection or potential interactions during use. This product should be replaced immediately when it is damaged and comes into contact with any liquid or similar substance. The product used should not be used a second time. Since the product has a burning feature, it should be protected from fire. Those who are allergic to polypropylene should not use this product.

• 50  PCS 

• 3 Layer with earloops